Ausgewählte wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen

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Ausgewählte Vorträge

  • Key Note Speaker: East meets West: Management Challenges in a Multicultural Context, Hangzhou, Zhejiang University, International Conference of Psychology in the Multicultural World, November 2015
  • International Innovation Power of SME, Speech at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, October 2014
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  • China Strategies, Speech at China-Symposium of Commerzbank, October 2013
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  • Innovation in chinesischen KMU, Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, März 2007

Forschung und Entwicklung

  • Forschung und Entwicklung:Staedtler Research Project „Innovation Potential in Chinese Companies“
  • Research study in International Innovation Capabilities (10 countries)
  • Chinese Management Philosophies (empirical study)
  • Group Work in China (empirical study)
  • Internationalization of SMEs (empirical study)
  • Staedtler Research Project “Management in Chinese Subsidiaries of German Family owned Companies”